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“’s neither a spiritual problem nor that of the village people but due to Rh incompatibility.” Olatunde Ife David

Good evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Sure! Good evening ma.
My name is Olatunde Ife David.

So, what do you do?

I am currently a student studying Medical Laboratory Science.

“Medical Laboratory Science”
What’s it all about?

Few people know who we really are or basically what we do because we deal with samples and not directly with the patients just as doctors and nurses do but we are like the eyes of the doctor. The doctor works and treats the patients based on the analyses of the test we carry out.

Medical Laboratory Science is a profession which involves the use of reagents and modern equipments to analyse body tissues and fluids for the detection of abnormalities, which are specific for optimal diagnosis of ailment and diseases.
As Medical Laboratory Scientists, we can work in teaching or general hospitals, vetinary hospitals, forensic lab to investigate crime, research lab and in academic institution as a lecturer.

“Like the eye of the doctor” Amazing!

What kind of tests do you people carry out?

We carry out different tests on various samples which can be body tissues like blood, body fluids like saliva, semen, blood group serology etc.
Also, we carry out test based on the concerned diagnosis.
We have RBC,WBC count,
ESR, urine analysis, PCV, MCV, HDL, LDL, semen analysis, few to mention.

What would you say about genotype incompatibility?

“Genotype incompatibility”
Not all are familiar or even know what this means and the consequences associated with it. In fact, many still don’t know their genotype.
First, I will advise if you haven’t known yours to walk in to any well equipped hospital or laboratory to do that. It’s cheap and affordable. You can in fact do it in one or two hospitals or laboratory.

We have three major genotypes which are; AA, AS, SS but we still have rare ones like AC and SC and others not common.
The “S” there signifies sickle cell anaemia. People with S in their genotypes are carriers of this disease.
The best of these is AA which happens not to be a carrier.
Sickle Cell Anaemia is a type of blood disease. It is genetic in nature which means it can be transmitted or inherited from the parents.It has no cure except bone marrow transplant which is costly and it’s not done in Nigeria.
Some of those who are AS still live a normal life but they still go through some of these symptoms the SS, SC go through.

Some say genotype isn’t important. What would you say about this?

I’d say it’s due to ignorance. People need to be enlightened and educated on this subject as to why it’s good to know their genotype and how to manage their health.
And this should also be a major key before going into a relationship.It’s sad youths of our days have been blinded by love and as a result go into relationship with someone with incompatible genotype.

The result of this could produce children who’d have the Sickle Cell Anaemia and this children are left to bare the consequences due to the negligence of their parents. Parents also spend a lot of money in taking care of these children in which many of those children don’t later survive. The love which blinded them earlier that made them to ignore their blood group will now be put to test.I want to encourage us to take this subject matter as something serious. Know your blood group and that of your partner. If it’s incompatible, then set things straight and part ways.

By this, we can prevent unborn generation suffering for what they didn’t cause and we can reduce the risk of Sickle Cell in our society.

What would you say about the rhesus factor?

Rhesus factor(Rh) is the antigen on the surface of red blood cell.In simple term, it’s the positive or negative sign indicated at the back of each blood group.
People with blood group A+, B+, AB+, O+ are said to be rhesus factor positive
while those with blood group A-, B-, AB-, O- are said to be rhesus factor negative.This also cause miscarriage and can also lead to ectopic pregnancy
Take for instance;
If a woman who is rhesus factor negative gets impregnated by a man who is rhesus factor negative there won’t be a problem but if a woman that is rhesus factor negative gets impregnated by a man who is rhesus factor positive and the baby happens to inherit the rhesus factor positive from the father, there’ll be a problem which is medically referred to as rhesus factor incompatibility.

Why? It is because the baby will definitely be Rh+. During parturition (delivery) once the baby’s blood comes in contact with that of the mother, the mother’s body immune system gets activated and as a results sees the baby as a threat to the mother’s body because the mother’s blood is Rh- and the baby’s blood is Rh+.

So, the body of the woman develop an innate immunity against such baby. Consequently­, this first delivery may be successful but subsequent pregnancies will always lead to miscarriage. So it’s neither a spiritual problem nor that of the village people but due to Rh incompatibility.
Once this antibodies are activated, it’s for life. So, the probability of such woman having babies would be zero.
Reason it’s important that fathers and mothers go for genetic counseling.
Once it is detected after pregnancy, a drug is administered (Rhogam) 28 weeks into pregnancy and 72 hours after delivery to prevent the activation of the mother’s immune system but if both the husband and the wife are Rh compatible there would be no need for such.


As a Medical Lab Scientist, how do you manage to stand the sight of urine and faeces of other people?


People see them as urine and feaces but to us, they are our patients. The result of the analysis carried out on those samples will determine the effectiveness of the treatment that would be given to the patients in the ward.

Any misappropriation would lead to wrong treatment which could alter the health of the patients.

Besides, it’s our work. We are being trained to handle that since we don’t deal directly with patients but their body samples.

What do you do aside school work?

By God’s grace, I own a ministry. And I have been trying to develop my young mind by reading books, both spiritual and random ones. I love farming too.

What kind of ministry do you run?

It’s an help ministry.
Helpers Ministry International
It’s just like an NGO.
Our main focus is to earnestly contend for the way of the Lord through giving, helping the less privilege, sponsoring ministries and missionaries etc. Also, to put a smile on people’s faces.

Why do you love farming?

I will love to produce what I eat and majorly as part of my ministry to help people in need of food and many more.
Be it poultry, fishery, etc
I’ll really love to go into mechanized farming in the nearest future but for now, we still grow what we eat at home.

What would you like to say to other youths out there?

My fellow youths out there, I want you all to please really make a move this month to know ur blood group, your genotype. And for people in relationships, it’s important if your genotype, blood group or Rh factor is incompatible to end the relationship now when you still can.

Let’s learn to trust in God, trust his process and stop looking at other people’s watch or let the social media make you look like a failure. We are the ones to build the old ruins as Isaiah 61:4 says, let’s stand to our feet and make this country a place we all desire.

Let’s invest our time in things that are productive. Like my dad will say; when your seed is not enough to feed you, then sow it.
God bless you!
God bless Mimi!
God bless Nigeria!

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Omoloye Miracle is a writer, voice over artist, genotype and blood group advocate, ghost writer, counselor, script writer at Remo TV, poet, media coordinator II at Spirit Life Network, content team lead at TASUED Writers Community and founder of Mheerah-dee Drops.


  1. This is an amazing insight. Thank you so much for the enlightenment. God bless you and all yours.

  2. I have always heard of miscarriage and still born but I haven’t really gotten to know what could be the cause . Your article is an eye opener . And this has really helped a lot . Thank you .

  3. Educative analysis.
    I always feel exhausted when I think of sickle cell people. The pains they go through. The society discrimination.

  4. Well done fellow MLSct. You’re a valid advocate👍. And kudos baby girl💓 @Mimi

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