The Wrong Advice

This is something I’ve been thinking about for ages… People tend to follow all advise.. It’s nice to hear from people with experience, only if following their advise is showing a positive result.. Some people just blindly do things that will later be a regret.. I know of someone who is being adviced and immediately started acting out what she was being told without knowing she’s ruining herself… It works for A doesn’t mean it’ll work for B.
Life wasn’t fair to me doesn’t mean it won’t be fair to others.

It’s not the same formula you’ll use in solving different maths problems… Neither will you use the same method in writing an essay for your summary.
Different approach for different things…

I hope you understand…
A word is enough for the wise..
Don’t just blindly follow advice, of course the advisor might have good intentions, but the advise isn’t just right.,
My life is hard doesn’t mean others have tough lifes too..
You have to think about how other will feel before acting.. Don’t assume they’ll understand after everything is ruined.
People are different

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