Personality Friday With Mimi

“…what drew me to them is their style of music” Aiyeola Daniel Olamide

Good evening sir. That is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Yeah! Sure..

Your name and any other thing we need to know?

Aiyeola Daniel Olamide

However, most people call me Beany or Tobi.

Beany or Tobi.. that is cool!
So, what do you do?

I am into music.
Film making.

What sort of music?

Afrobeat and hip-hop rap

So, have you ever launched any track?


How many?

Simply two songs.

How was releasing your first track like?

It wasn’t straightforward to battle for cash and document it. However, I thank God I was capable of doing it.

Who do you look up to in the music industry?

Olamide and Maleek Berry.

“Olamide and Maleek Berry”
One thing must have drawn you to this two out of all music artistes. What’s it?

I like oxlade additionally and what drew me to them is their style of music.

How far have you gone in film making?

Since I have been into music, I do not force to film anymore.

What caused this?
Is it that you no longer have pleasure in it or what?

The shortage of fund made me loose interest.

Oh! Okay..
So, do you still have interest in it?

Yeah if I get the prospect and the fund.

What would you say in regards to the ASUU strike?

I do not actually have something to say than they need to not wreck the way forward for the younger Nigerians with their insanity.

What would you say in regards to the Headies Award 2020?

The nominees are good.
So to decide on a winner, it is going to be very onerous trigger because we had the most effective artistes in 2020.

What’s the plan for your next project? Is it single,ep or album?

For now, I’m planning on a new career because I have changed my stage name from Lil bean to beany. So, nothing for now.


Any reason for that?


What’s it?

Care to share?

I figured out someone else was using the name “Lil bean”. So, I spoke to my people and finally I decided to change it to “beany” to make it easier for people to find me anywhere online.

And I plan on going hard on music 💥

Oh! That’s cool!

What would you say to artistes who are getting discouraged?

They should always focus on the positive part because that’s how I kept moving on. Thinking of the negative part will only discourage you.

What would you say in regards to the second section of COVID 19 surfacing?

Nigeria Authorities do not actually care in regards to the individuals and I consider the second section a rip-off.

Straightforward strategy to steal cash with out individuals noticing as a result of individuals are remoted already.

“Straightforward strategy to steal cash”



So, what would you say to other youths out there?

Hard work and prayer pays a lot than distraction of material things.

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