I had to…

In my little village
where kids would go to the stream
while their mothers did the cooking,

I met Aisha
whose father own
the largest herd of cattle

It was only last night
when my mother came home
I discovered
Aisha’s mother had kicked the bucket

The next morning,
I saw Aisha
but my confusion became erased
when she told me
what her father had told her;
her mother had gone abroad
and would bring her plenty gift

That day,
Aisha wasn’t going to the stream
to pack few things, her father had told her
with her grandma, she’d be staying for a while
Aisha’s joy knew no bounds
and to the stream, she escorted me

On our way to the stream,
here and there
Aisha noticed
but I told her to ignore
that they were surprised
she looked more beautiful

On our way from the stream,
someone came to call Aisha
for her grandmother was around
Aisha wept cos she’d miss me
I wept for two reasons;
I couldn’t tell Aisha the truth about her mother
and I didn’t know when next I’d see her

About Omoloye Miracle 179 Articles
Omoloye Miracle is a writer, voice over artist, genotype and blood group advocate, ghost writer, counselor, script writer at Remo TV, poet, media coordinator II at Spirit Life Network, content team lead at TASUED Writers Community and founder of Mheerah-dee Drops.

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