Personality Friday With Mimi.

Good morning sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

I am Moses Ayodeji Akinolu.

So, what do you do?

I’m a 400level student of Tai Solarin University of Education.Also, I’m into business. Presently, I’m into selling of NYSC KITS even though it’s a new business.

NYSC kits?


What made you start up the business?

Uhmmm.. my motivation in starting up the business.
I’m this kind of person that hate stress. In the past few years when I see people going from one shop to another to get their kits when they receive the call up letters, it always get at me seeing them going through stress.

And also maybe becaues I love seeing people happy and stress-free, so I got the motivation to start it up. I believe if the NYSC KITS are all packed in a bag, it will ease people’s stress jumping from one store to another. And it gonna really make me feel fulfilled as a person.

So, seeing people happy makes you feel fulfilled?

Yes, seeing humans happy makes me happy and feel fulfilled. As a rich man who can’t help people, that makes you a poor man.

Also, happy man should always try to make people happy even if you are not. Always try to make people happy,
To my own knowledge, I will use two different individuals as an example. The Comedian and The preacher of God’s word.

You will always see the Comedian laughing when they are on stage. Do you want to tell me they don’t have issues bothering them?

Likewise the preacher, when they are teaching you see the strength in them and love in the way they pass their message across.So I believe everyone should have that habit to make their neighbors happy.

And neighbor I mean is not just the person they are living with or family, but everyone they come across with each day.

What an illustration! Good one.

What would you say about the ASUU strike?

Thank you.

About ASUU strike, well I can’t really say much on that. It’s based on individual perception. I can say the union (ASUU) are fighting for the right of all Nigerian students, state and federal owned University by the government, and I will be questioned by Nigerian students, and also say otherwise and still be questioned.
But I believe the ASUU and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, are making everything possible so as to get Nigerian students back to class.
I believe so.

As someone who should be a graduate by now but was delayed due to ASUU strike, would you say it’s a blessing or a waste of time?

Hmmm, I won’t say it a waste of time and also a blessing.
By now I should be in service or planning to but was delayed cause of ASUU strike, that I can’t say is a blessing, it’s not but we don’t know what God is doing.

Well it’s a blessing, cause the break helps in making some things known and also brings me closer to my extended family.
I can say that is a blessing.

What do you love doing aside business or education?

What i love doing aside business and education.Well, I love resting a lot.

Yeeee playing video games, especially soccer, I love having conversations about life generally because it makes me more enlighten about life and people situation.

Just like I said earlier , I love seeing people happy.
Playing with kids is also included.
Spending time with my family, that’s very essential.
I will say a little bit reading.😉😉😉

There’s this belief that those who make people happy most times get hurt.
What would you say about this?

Yes, people always say that. I love the word you used “belief” because it’s a belief, not everyone believes it.

That’s why we have to orientate people away from that kind of belief because if we all have that kind of thinking, it will surely hinder many from being blessed or helped by other individual.

Even if the belief is true, we should keep on doing the good things. Even after rendering the help get us hurt, we should continue because there is nowhere in the Bible that says “when you do good and you get hurt stop doing it”.

Naturally, we are not suppose to be told to help our fellow human.
Maybe my ideology and my discipline in school is what makes me really understand human and his environs very well.

So, how did you develop this “desire to see people happy”.

Is it natural or there’s a story attached to it?

My desire🤭🤭🤭
Well, I will say it’s natural or maybe it’s my kind of person.
I can also say I learnt it from Jesus and also my mummy.
Growing up reading the bible, I saw how Christ help men, no man ever came to Christ and left same way, there would surely be a change in the person’s life.
Likewise my mum, she’s always happy seeing people happy. You can’t come to her in tears and leave in tears, even if it is her last money she will surely give you.
If you don’t mind me sharing a little story;
There was a day I asked her for something she said she didn’t have. An hour later, a lady knocked our door and my mum asked her to come inside. The funny part is that she asked my mummy for the same thing I asked of and my mum went inside to give the lady the exact thing. I was angry! When the lady left, I questioned my mum and she said a statement in yoruba ‘owolabi madupe ti e’ she said something that always ring a bell always ,she said ”owolabi you did not need it that moment, but the lady do”.
So, learn to make people happy. Since then, I had a change of mindset till date.

That hit so deep.

Thanks Mimi

Do you have any plan of going into politics?

Well, yes i have plans on going into politics full time.
It has been a dream from the onset.

How far have you gone in this dream?

I can’t really disclose all.
Tho I’ve not really gone far, still making some little moves in accomplishing the dream. It takes a lot of patience to achieve this dream .

As we know, power changes a lot of people.
Do you think being in government can change you?

Power change a lot of people when they get there, it’s decision and influence that was given in to.
If the kind of mindset you were bringing to power is genuine, getting their should not make you a changed man when you get to power.

So my response is no, it can’t change me and will never will.To even make more emphasis on it, the present state of Nigeria now has enlighten more individuals about Nigeria government and politics.

What do you have to say to other youths out there?

No man is born to be poor. Even if you are born poor, it should not limit a man in achieving his dreams.
Also, do what makes you happy,
Stay away from toxic relationship, don’t be blinded by love, money, immoral act and the likes.
Stay close to God.
Believe that a better Nigeria will surely surface.
Help others.
And I will admonish us with this word, though it’s my mum word I grew up loving. ”it is not about how far, but how well”.

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