Personality Friday With Mimi

“… when passion becomes work, work becomes play.” Patrick Dominic

Good morning sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

My name is Patrick Dominic. I’m a script writer, content writer and creative director.

That’s cool! How would you describe the world as a writer?

A beautiful work of art.

Amazing! So, how did become a content writer?

Funny as it sounds, I started writing out of boredom.
After my NYSC, I was broke and jobless and always at home. I almost swung into depression at the time. I just turned to my pen and paper and started creating short stories.

That was what cleared my head.

You mentioned “depression” which is now part of most youths daily routine.

What do you think can be done to curb it?

Just do what you love and not what is available.
Feed your mind on positive things and don’t get influenced by social media charade.

As a writer, how has the journey been?

Sweet and sour. Depressing atimes but also very fruitful.

Some believe writing is a skill every literate is entitled to.
What would you say about this?

Well, that part is true but creative writing takes more than just being literate to do.
It takes a huge amount of creativity and deliberately acquiring top notch writing skills.

“Top notch writing skills”
That’s cool..

There’s this belief writing for the fun of it is better off writing for money.
What’s your view on this?

Whoever has that belief probably just writes for fun and has a business somewhere.
Writing is a lucrative business and it should be viewed as such. It’s only tedious when you have deadlines to meet.
But when passion becomes work, work becomes play.

“…when passion becomes work, work becomes play”

Just like putting fuel in the generator to make it work, what brought about you being a creative director?

I just felt like no other person will be able to bring my stories to life like me.
I see things from a different angle and I just like stories being told differently.

Uhmmm.. that outstanding nature feeling..

There’s this thing called the writers block.
How do you handle it?

Never had it🤤

So, what’s your muse?

Once I look at a picture critically, it opens my mind up.

Pictures as mind opener!

What would you advise upcoming writers do?

Pay for classes and master the art. Be consistent and carve a niche for yourself.

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