Personality Friday With Mimi

“Flexibility, charisma and boldness are essential ingredients for a good catwalk…” Emmanuella Azegba.

Good evening ma. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Wow! Blissful evening to you ma’am.
My name is Emmanuella Azegba.
I’m a youngprenuer CEO @Accella clothings, fashion enthusiast/ Designer, Beauty Queen, content writer/ presenter , young promising model & upcoming Nollywood actress.
I’m currently a 200 level student studying Economics @ Tai Solarin University of Education.

How did you become a content writer?

Ultimately, I would say it’s a kept blessing!
“It’s about what you love doing best becoming a possibility and surrounded by colleagues who motivates you into putting more efforts on writing..”

“A kept blessing” Amazing!

How has being a presenter been?

Oh goodness! Being a presenter is a whole lot of fun.
Yeah! One requires to be patient, dedicated, timely, inspiring and a whole lot especially at delivery of contents to audience. Guess I’m a charismatic presenter 😍😂.

What advice would you give an upcoming model?

Modelling is a profession with prestige.
However, I strongly advise upcoming
Models to be brave , strong and smart.

There is no need to rush things. To avoid falling as a prey to fake agencies, patience is a virtue.

Flexibility, charisma and boldness are essential ingredients for a good catwalk especially to aspiring models interested in pageants/ runways.

They Should also seek self development/ promotion.
What this
means is that they shouldnt wait solely on agencies to promote them, whereas they could engage with social media handles .


How did “Accella clothing” come into being?

Fashion and exhibition is something I really admire .
I’m a fashion enthusiast and a creative talented designer.
Guess that’s exactly what triggered owning my own fashion and clothing brand.

As an upcoming nollywood actress, what would you say about Nigerians who say ill things about nollywood?

To be more candid, I would say people who say ill things should observe the nollywood critically before making criticisms.

They go through stress, pains and a whole lot to put different ideas to actions expressing more about crucial issues happening globally.

We shouldn’t judge by what we see physically. We should always try to search for the indept reasons for every action in the industry before criticisms.

How do you manage to combine all these with your education?
What’s your push?

Consistently, dedication and hardwork are the key factors that drives me doing much more.

What would you say about the ongoing ASUU strike?

Lol…. ASUU strike? Firstly, I would say it has a great effect (positive/negative) depending on Individuality.
To me, it had a great impact as it got me exposed to discovering purpose as an individual and much more.☺️

What’s your take on learning a trade aside education?

Very, very crucial ma’am!

For a nation to be productive, it demands creativity in all spheres.

Learning a trade/ acquiring a skill brings about creativity/ innovative ideas.

Backing it up with education brings about a greater percentage of productivity in our society.

Good one.
What would you like to say to other youths out there?

To every youth out there, always stay true to yourself. Say no to negativity!
Be the best you can be wherever you find yourself.
Learn to be productive!
Be creative. Try to be a catalyst of change to leaven the entire loaves of this generation. The World awaits your victory!
Stay strong always…

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