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“What a 40 year old has that a 20 year old doesn’t have is experience, what a 20 year old has that a 40 year old doesn’t have is more time.” Omujale Arerosuoghene

Good Evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Good evening.
Sure you can.

Your name and any other thing we need to know?

I’m Omujale Arerosuoghene Oghenefego.
A 300 level student of Obafemi Awolowo University, studying History and International Relations.

So, what do you do?

I don’t have anything in particular I’m doing right now.

I do love Blockchain and Crypto currency. I’m more of a student of life.

Trying to get information on everything possible, which I know of course is impossible, but then it’s what I love.

Hmmm.. At the mention of currency🥺
Can you tell us more about Block chain and Crypto currency?

Before I do tho, I’ll love to add this. Currently I’m on a journey, more of a personal one but one that will show youths in a few years that once they set their mind on something they can get it.
Using myself as an example, on how I journeyed from point zero to where I wanted to be. Blockchain is just a topic on its on.

Anyways, back to the main gist. Most times when people are asked about Crypto currency and Blockchain they try to sound smart.

Blockchain is a new technology, just like the way the internet was in the late 80’s and early 90’s.
Bitcoin in a simple form is digital money. Blockchain is what powers it up.
Look at it this way, a website can’t run without the internet right? Most things we do right now is from the internet.

Bitcoin is a decentralised system that takes away the need for a third party when making payments online. With Bitcoin you can send as much as $5billion in 2 seconds, you don’t need to sign documents with a bank or anything of that sort.
Now what makes all that possible, is Blockchain.
Just like the way the internet makes it possible for websites to be created.

Thanks for the enlightening.
Does that mean block chain makes Bitcoin possible?

As I said, Bitcoin is digital money. It’s important to note that Bitcoin is not the only Crypto currency. There are thousands of Crypto currencies.
Yes, Blockchain makes Bitcoin possible, without Blockchain there’s no Bitcoin, without Bitcoin tho, Blockchain will exist.

Blockchain cannot be eradicated, Bitcoin in theory can be destroyed but practically, it’s impossible.
Blockchain takes away third party.
It’s a decentralized network.

Lemme explain it this way.. When the internet wasn’t available how do you send letters to your loved ones? How do you store your data? The internet took all that problem away.

What do you have to say about online trade?

I’m not a trader and I haven’t got in depth knowledge about that.
Trading is amazing. You can become rich in a second and also you can lose your cash in a second.
Before the coming of Crypto currency, people were trading. So is it just online trading you’re talking about or Crypto currency trading?

Just online trading…

You’ve got no control on the assets and stock you’re trading on. Most people who excel in trading do that because they’ve got inside information.
You don’t control the value of the dollar or the value of google or the apple brand. Anything can shake it.
Personally I’m not a fan of trading. You’ve got to have inside information or damn mad experience to really excel in it.

Ok ..
There’s this popular kind of structured message we now see online about money being doubled. People tend to attack the senders as scammers. What’s your view on this?

That’s what you call a pyramid scheme.

This is the way it works.. A brings B into the platform. B brings C and so on. The more people are referred to the platform the nearer it gets to crashing.
As far as that platform got no product or service, it’s destined to fail.

It’s a situation whereby people just come in to give their referrer money with the hope that they can refer someone else who would give them theirs.

Why do some WhatsApp accounts get hacked for the purpose of such messages?

Yeah… There’s a way to prevent that tho.
Well to get those looking for free money.
It’s an easy way to make money If you are gullible.

Can you enlighten us on ways to prevent it?

The two step verification on WhatsApp

▪️ Settings
▪️ Account
▪️ Two step verification

Follow that process and you’re good to go.

Is it true it’s only Yahoo guys that deal in Bitcoins?

No! A Chinese company released a list few days back. A list of billionaires in the world.
Six in that list were entrepreneurs who deal in Blockchain. They weren’t Nigerians tho.
Bitcoin can be transferred without the government interfering, that’s why most yahoo guys use it.

So, what motivates you?

I’m my own drive.
My own personal motivation.
I want to better than I was yesterday. I want to have the power to have a real effect on the world.
A positive effect!

So, what do you have to say to other youths out there?

We’re smart, we’re energetic, we are lucky to be born into the technology age.

Leverage it and do something you’ll be proud of. We are really young and we’ve got time. What a 40 year old has that a 20 year old doesn’t have is experience, what a 20 year old has that a 40 year old doesn’t have is more time.

Keep calm, we go still make am!

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