Personality Friday With Mimi

“Life is not measured by duration but by donation” Ganiu Olayinka

Good Evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Yes ma

Your name and any other thing that makes you up?

My Name is Ganiu Olayinka Known as Precious Stone.

My Vision

What do you do?

I Inspire (helping people to discover purpose to fulfill destiny).

How do you get to do that?

Through Compassion Birthed by God’s Love For Humanity.

What do you have to say about someone in ss3 who is yet to find a future ambition?

Oh My!!! I will advice the fellow not to worry at all because that can lead to anxiety which has no profit to his heart but will encourage him/her to seek first his inheritance which is the Kingdom of God and in doing that he will discover him/herself and Fulfill Destinies.

What if the person is an unbeliever?

I will Counsel him into the path of discovering his life purpose because one of my favourite quote in the book of the Bible (proverb) says, a purpose is established in the multitude of counsels while I believe that purpose is not only established but discovered in the multitude of counsels.

That’s deep..
What’s your view on suicidal thoughts?


That’s not an option in this world because, “A Living Dog Is Far Better Than A Dead Lion”. There is always Hope for the Living. So, I will advice people never to give a thought to suicide no matter what they are passing through because they will scale through and testify to the goodness of God when they overcome the temptation of suicide.

Is any purpose too late to be fulfilled?

Yes and No! That is the reason why we must value time and make most out of it in fulfilling our purposes on earth through consistency because a wasted time is a wasted life and on the other hand, “Life is not measured by duration but by donation”. Even at that old age, something can still be done which can change the course of history.

So, who or what has been your motivation?

Jesus Christ

So, what do you have to say to other youths out there?

Ecclesiastes 12:1-5
There is no time to waste time.

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