Personality Friday With Mimi

“…if a person will change when he ventures into politics depends on how strong his beliefs/motives are and his conviction and determination in keeping true to his beliefs.” Okunola Glory

Good Evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Good evening ma’am. I’m Okunola Glory by name but I’d rather you call me Kintan.

Ok Kintan..
So, what do you do?

Well, I’m a student. Hence, I don’t do anything per say but I like to see myself as more than just a student. That’s because I involve myself in different activities that expose me to so many areas of life that you don’t get to see everyday.

“..Areas of life we don’t get to see everyday.” That caught my attention.
Can you share a lil with us about this?

Firstly, I’m a political enthusiast. So, I’m actively involved in campus politics or as we call it, Unionism. Also, I involve myself in a bit of financial dealings (I’m not all that good with money though) the likes of NNU, Giftal world and co. I’m also a tutor, I enjoy imparting knowledge (the little I have of course ) and so many others I can count off my head at the moment.

Have you ever been challenged by one of those you’ve tutored?

Well.. Yes!
In fact, it was actually more than a challenge. It felt more like an insult because she approached me after my lecture and said her friends didn’t enjoy the teaching because I didn’t make them laugh. Well I’m sure you’d know how that felt, right after I thought I had done justice to the course.

Sounds funny but not funny.
So, how did you handle it?

Well, I told her I was sorry for not being funny enough but I don’t teach that way. I try to bring my learners to understand the concepts I teach by using many realistic illustrations and if she felt that way of tutoring is wrong, I’d try to adjust so as to inculcate more fun into my teachings. I guess that solved the problem for her but I wasn’t too happy afterwards because personally, that was my first challenge after taking a tutorial. On the brighter side, that was the last challenge I faced while taking a tutorial.

Uhmmm.. ok
There’s this belief about people changing immediately they go into politics. What’s your view on this?

Well, change is constant in man, be it positive or negative. As you know, whatever situation or circumstance one finds himself at a moment, shapes who he becomes later. If you’re talking about negative change, then I’d say you’re correct because often times, people find reasons to turn against the beliefs that brought them into politics in the first place. Take for example, a man who believes in an egalitarian society, decides to run for president and he emerges, then few months in power, he decides to start enriching only those close to him by giving them lofty positions and lucrative contracts they are not capable of executing. Now, he has obviously deviated from his original motives, all because of favoritism. There’s a saying that says “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”, in my own experience and my own opinion, I think before a man can change physically or otherwise, the changing process must have begun in his mind. No man can change without knowing, as change is a conscious action. So in my view, the determinant of if a person will change when he ventures into politics depends on how strong his beliefs/motives are and his conviction and determination in keeping true to his beliefs.

Uhmmm.. that’s deep!

Often times, you see young men who claim to have faced hardship and “know the struggle” venture into politics and fast forward 10-15 years in politics and you see them having corruptible characters. Why? In my personal view, I see the greatest temptation to be money. These vibrant youths who are actually capable of leading due to having quality leadership skills most often than not, don’t have the financial stability or backing to finance their ambitions. Then, they come unstuck and find themselves needing to turn against their initial beliefs in other not to be considered a failure in politics.

You mentioned something earlier.. about NNU and Giftal world.
What stops you from seeing making money online as scam like most people do?

Not like i don’t see them as scam. NNU for instance had failed in the past, same goes for Giftal world that recently crashed. It’s popular belief that there’s no business without risk and even the most risky of businesses must first pay out at least in other to entice customers. Sorry, what I do is to enter at the initial stage, get some money out of it and leave. I don’t stay long in them because like the infamous MMM, it’s going to crash eventually.

So, you do something more like pack and go!

Remember I said I’m not very good with money. Most times whenever there’s a new Ponzi scheme, I give it a few weeks or even months to see if it’s stable. If it turns out to be, I ask around if it’s safe and sometimes find a partner to go in together then I try to withdraw as much as possible within few withdrawal windows (I mostly withdraw twice or three times) then I quit cause i can’t afford to lose all when it comes crashing down.

What or who motivates you?

Well, friends actually.

What’s your advice to other youths out there?

Well, one advice I always give is, we all run our own race! Don’t compare your achievements with others (it’s good to have motivators and healthy competition) because people only show you what they want you to see and not the struggle they face behind the scene.

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