Personality Friday With Mimi

“..I made up my mind like foundation and lipstick to take it fully.” Michael Olorunwumi

Good Evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Good evening and thanks for having me on the show.

I am Michael Olorunwumi but most people know me as Mykii Rapoet. I’m a poet, spoken word artiste, rapper, textile designer (Adire), graphics designer and a web designer. A student of the University of Ibadan, studying English language and Education.

I’m the third head in the family. A Mel-Sang-Phleg dude in nature. I love writing, reading, YouTube, music, basketball & guitar (although, I can’t play guitar), dogs and children.

What do you mean by ‘Mel-Sang-Phleg’ dude in nature?

We all have four types of temperament:
Sanguine, Melancholy, Phlegmatic and Choleric.

So I mean to shorten those aforementioned due to the combinations I got. I guess Melancholy is prominent.

So, why do you love dogs?

Initially, I hate them with gentle pride. That was after I was bitten by a Rottweiler or so, many years ago.
To the extent that I kept asking “Do you have a dog in your house?” before I entered anyone’s house. Especially those fenced and gate-erected.

It remained so, not until I gained admission. Here, I stay off campus, lived in a few houses before this. Lucky enough, my hostel got like two dogs. Hero & Kelly are now so close that one crosses the major road into the school, even accompany to places of distance from home. That was how the love grew like vegetable.

I love dogs because they are like humans. Sometimes better.

So, your love for dogs grew like vegetable.

Yes, it did.
I hope to get maximum of 3 dogs in my future house (I’ve been telling her several times, I’m reiterating).

There’s this thing about ladies not believing most male poets when they try to woo them because they feel they are being used as a source of inspiration.
What’s your view about this?

Actually, it’s a source of wild inspiration whenever a male poet have feelings towards a lady. Words stop to flow like that of tap, now like that of sea waves.
Therefore, the use of exaggeration, metaphor and all clicks. For instance,
“I will paint your face with rainbow, construct Crystal stones in your mouth…”
Gives birth to some hmm… and what’s-wrong-with-this-one kind of attitude in ladies.

I won’t call them lies. They are just fine polished words of ecstasy.
It’s just creativity and establishment of soul-lifting feelings in the bones of the lady.

Polished words of ecstacy‘ ..uhmmm
How did Mykii Rapoet go into textile designing?

It all started when I was younger, mum would get jobs from her colleagues at government secretariat, Ogun states and sometimes group Kampala training for women in some communities or as part of empowerment schemes.

There, I was observing and helping until I was able to get my personal job in JSS3, when a friend handed his faded jean trousers for renewing. One thousand naira, I will never forget. That was my price tag!

He was dumbfounded. It all looked new. Gbam! I started to get other petty jobs. Then stopped again, I think I was yet to annex the potential in it. I was yet to understand the power in such skill.

Close to two years ago, my brain clicked and I made up my mind like foundation and lipstick to take it fully. Hence, I got a logo; began incessant Ads on social media. So far, so good.

I hope to make JustKampala an International textile designing brand with world standard.

You made up your mind just like foundation and lipstick.
You seem to like simile.

Because it gives birth to a SMILE when you rearrange.

How do you manage to do all you do without it affecting your education?

Time, I make schedules. I do the right thing as expected and strategize. Sometimes I got to make deliveries during lecture, get buzzers and all which made me move them to weekend and evenings.

So, what package do you have for other youths out there?

It’s a fortune-like package. Never back out from whatever you do, be consistent, let people know your philosophy till it’s accepted.
Ultimately, be close to God, family and your source.

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