Personality Friday With Mimi

“…singing is just like 30% of the whole process” Daraloye Emmanuel

Good Evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Thank you Miracle. I am Emma Tallest, a music journalist.

Your name and any other thing we need to know?

I’m Daraloye Emmanuel Abiodun.
An indigene of Ipele, a town near Owo in Ondo State.
I was brought up in Akure.
I co-founded an online newspaper when I was in 100L at Adeyemi College
of Education.

In 100l?
What inspired you?

The information circulation in the college was very poor, I felt I could change something. To a certain level, I did.

The saying ‘Music is life’, what’s your view about it?

Yeah, music is life! It brings joy to humanity.
Some people live on music.
How will the world survive without music?

Some upcoming artistes sing well but are not well known yet. What do you think they are not doing?

Miracle, they are doing a lot of things wrongly.

They don’t know their niche. Some are not good enough, music is beyond singing. It goes beyond that because singing is just like 30% of the whole process. There is something called music business, they should learn about it.
They also need to get their strategy right.

Singing is just like 30% of the whole process’ ..uhmmm
That’s deep!

Also, they have not been able to optimally exploit the new media.

New media is the new wave.

What about the producers that reject upcoming artiste songs cos they ain’t popular yet?

Do producers do that? I haven’t heard that before.

Well, I once heard that.
So, what’s your favourite style of music?

I do all genres. There was a time I was into Alte sounds. In the first quarter of the year, I was listening to a lot of rap. Since the beginning of May, Reggae and Apala genre has been my favourite. So, it varies.

What’s Alte sound all about?

Alté comprises a diverse range of styles. Sometimes drawing on dancehall, indie, R&B, and more. They are rebels in the music industry.
They just want to do things in their own way.

What has been your greatest challenge since you started a career in music journalism?

Money has been my major challenge. There are gigs and investigative stories I need to write about but I can’t due to paucity of fund.

For instance, I plan to be in Akure next month for an underground story on the plight of up and coming artistes, it will last for two days. Calculating the hotel, food, and transport bills can be depressing you know.

Also, journalists are still not given the respect they deserve.

There are moments I get threatened for my write up.

These and many more are the challenge I have been passing through as a music journalist.

This simply shows it’s not been easy.
So, what motivates you?

The strive to make a difference. There are a lot of unreported stories about music that should be written down for the coming generation to peruse.

I just feel I haven’t done enough. I am just starting.

What’s your advice to other youths out there?

They should work smart, develop their God given skill and more importantly, know the right people.

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