Personality Friday With Mimi

“Politically, home work to me means getting your campaign right, staying focus in the right direction and..” Aminat Opeyemi Oshinberu

Good evening ma. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

My name is Aminat Opeyemi Oshinberu, politically known as Smileys.

A student of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun state, studying Animal Breeding and Genetics.

“Politically known as Smileys.”
Do you hold any political post?

FUNAAB Student Union Vice President.


What brought about the nickname “Smileys”?

I have a smiling nature.

What do you think it takes to be a leader?

It takes patience, consistency, the love and passion to serve and lastly, persistence to be a leader.

What has being in the position taught you?

Being in position has thought me that we should always be humble because we would leave that position one day and we would be left with our personality.

That’s deep!
“Animal Breeding and Genetics” What’s it all about?

Animal Breeding and Genetics is basically on how to breed animals, know their existence and also give way to provide an improved breed of an animal.

That’s cool!
There’s this belief about ladies getting to the top actually opening their legs in order to have their way.
What’s your take on this?

Well about this issue, a rising problem I would say it is. As a lady that is going into politics, get prepared to see yourself in this not too nice situation but trust me, you need wisdom and steadfastness to dodge this situation. It won’t be easy I must say, you should always stand for yourself and do your needed home work. Politically, home work to me means getting your campaign right, staying focus in the right direction and finding the right strategy to winning.

Opening your legs shouldn’t determine the success of the election.

People say “politics is a dirty game”. How true is this?

“Politics is a dirty game”

Well to my own view, it can be dirty because you would experience some deceitful act from close allies and trusted friends which might break your heart. It could be clean too but we have a minute percentage of politics been clean.

What do you have to say to other youths out there?

Youth which I know I am part of🤗

The question wants to make me feel like an old person😌

To other young person out there, know that our youthful days would be the most active days in our lives. Make good use of it by making a positive impact in yourself and your environment.

Work on your personal development, contribute in developing your community and make effort towards nation building.


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