Personality Friday With Mimi

“I was taught in the martial world not to compete with anyone rather than myself…” Chileuwa Chiemela

Good evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

I’m Chileuwa Chiemela

What do you do?

I am an artist, a self defense instructor and a musician.

Was it learnt in school or an inbuilt talent?

My ability to draw is inbuilt. Music is inbuilt too but I learnt taekwondo.

Taekwondu! What’s it all about?

It’s a korean martial art.
It’s taekwondo not taekwondu.

Lol.. Ever reached a point you felt like quitting any?

Yes, its never easy.

What has always motivated you?

God, my family, my friends and myself. I was taught in the martial world not to compete with anyone rather than myself, so i try to be better than myself each day.

Uhmmm.. So, what’s your view about white collar jobs?

Depends on individuals. As for me, I see it as a cage trapping so much potentials because you see talented people moving towards a single direction. It won’t give a chance for self development.

How do you handle challenges?

One at a time. I try not to worry my head over things I have no control over.

What do you have to say to other youths out there?

Well, it’s not easy but you need to first believe in yourself because no one would believe in you if you don’t do it first.
Secondly, don’t be shy wherever you find yourself or whatever you find yourself doing. Be proud of your profession and like people say, “package yourself well”. No one cares about what you’re going through, so dont be shy of what you’re into. All they want to see is the result( success) nothing more. So, keep working hard, smart and wait for Gods time.

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