Personality Friday With Mimi

“..when I almost fell off a ladder of eight (8) storey..” Alphonsus Stephen

Good evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Good evening Mimi.
Of course you can.

Your name and any other thing we need to know?

My name is Alphonsus Stephen. I’m a Computer Science student at Tai-Solarin University of Education (TASUED). I am a DStv and solar installer.

How did you start this profession?

Growing up, I’ve always loved technical stuffs. At the age of 9, I still remember how I was able to repair household appliances like the pressing iron, electric kettle and others.
After my SSCE, I got into installation of Dstv at first, after which I dived into installing solar panels.

So, it’s a born talent.

Yh! You can say that!

There’s this belief that before you become a professional in working on anything electric, you must first have an electric shock.
How true is this?

Somehow true..

Yes! In the sense that you must know how electric feel. I mean the pain, the shock and so much more.

You need to have good and bad experience of whatever you claim to be a professional in.

Have you had challenges in this profession?

Yes, a lot ma.

What’s the biggest of all?

I almost quit after an incident.
That was when I almost fell off a ladder of eight (8) storey building. This work of installation comes with a great price of risking life but thanks to God I didn’t pull out. Now, I’m always careful not to allow such incident occur.

That’s like a near-death experience!
Despite all odds, what or who keeps you moving (your motivation)?

Well, I have nobody to motivate me. I enjoy what I do without any appraisal.
One of the things that motivates me is that I was able to bring solution to families and companies. Each time I finish working, the excitement on my customer’s face gives me the great satisfaction.

So, you go with something like “your joy is our satisfaction”?

You got the code!
Once you can make a customer happy, it’s easy for them to pay you well.

What would you say about those “promise and fail” handworkers?

“Promise and fail” like a worker promising his customer and then fails to do what he had promised?

The popular profession with this are tailors and fashion designers.

Those who are constant in promising their customers and failing them are incompetent.

What do you have to say to other youths out there?

To the youths out there;
Life isn’t going to come at you easily, there would be tough times.
There would be times you’d feel you have to give up, times when your business won’t go well e.t.c. What makes you strong in those times is if you are able to pull yourself out of those moments.
To you who don’t have a skill or handwork, please go get something doing. The salary one day won’t be enough.
In this generation, you need a skill to help balance your work.

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