Personality Friday With Mimi

“…an heavy word that has driven many youths against their will.” Adesina Taiwo Abiola (Buoda Taye)

Good evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

I’m known as Buoda Taye but my real name is Adesina Taiwo Abiola. I’m a graduate of Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo.

So, what do you do?

Do? There are a lot of things I do.
And there’s still many things I want to do. I work for a company as a manager and I also have a courier business I do.
And I’m also a small scale farmer.

“A small scale farmer”
Can you tell us little about it?

Yh. I rear pigs I use as investment where people invest in pigs and I help in raising them for profit. It’s a profit like business. I deal with ratio.

This farming business, is it related to your course of study in school?

No, not anywhere near it.
I studied political science and special education for the learning disabled.

With you doing something not related to what you studied in school, would you say school is a scam?

No, school is not a scam.
I do things related to my course of study.
I write, I do research and write critics on government.
School is a castel of knowledge. Once you get there, it’s either you’re fortified or nullified.
I learnt my business from my H.O.D then. He gave me the idea during one of his lectures. I gained that!
Also, I’m into politics. Low-key tho, I’m planning on running for a grassroot post come 23.

Some Nigerians are beginning to see all politicians as criminals. What would you say about this?

At this present stage of Nigeria, I won’t say criminals. I’d rather say “corrupt men”. It’s not a lie that they are corrupt men but know as you have a bad egg, so you’d have a good one.
It depends on your mindset and how you want to move forward. I do not blame the people for using that term because as a growing young man, I have had the cause to blame the system for something.
There are good politicians out there but the bad ones won’t make people see them because they’ve been generalized and they act that way too.

Why does it tend to look like politics change people? Is it the saying “if you can’t stop them, join them” or the saying “politics is a dirty game”?

Politics doesn’t change anyone. It’s who they are already and you can’t stop them.
We voted them and the way we elected them is the way to change them but our people are mindless zombies that lust after money.
To a lame man, politics might be a dirty game. I have once thought like that also but politics is not a dirty game. It’s a game of number, chances and survival.
The game is just too complex, not that it’s dirty.

These people that are called politicians are just like us with only immunities. That’s why people think they changed.
They are only enjoying the power for the moment.

Only enjoying the power for the moment!
Uhmmm.. power isn’t forever.


What would you say about the learning disabled?

Learning disability is a broad course and not limited to only one disability.
Yes, I studied education for the learning disabled where students or children who have any kind of speciality are nurtured to be best of themselves.
Learning disability can be difficulty in reading, dyslexia, dyagraphia and dyscaculia.

What would you advise one who has a difficulty in reading do?

Reading posture should be changed and most times, reading is not for everyone. Someone who has difficulty might just engage in vocational training.
And the teaching method engaged by the teacher should be changed too. It should encourage students to carry out tasks and read better; such as group reading, assignments and so on.

Sometimes, a child might have an eye problem with the parent being oblivious.
So, such child can visit a counselor to explain how they feel.

So, self observation is required to know the cause.

What or who motivates you?

A lot motivates me. Depends on what I’m doing or where I am but I think better or get motivated when in a tight situation.
I do not have anyone who motivates me. I do not look up to anyone but God. I am the motivation for myself.

What would you like to say to other youths out there?

There’s a word going around now. It’s called “oppression”. I don’t know if you’ve heard it but it’s an heavy word that has driven many youths against their will. I want you not to feel oppressed by anyone. Do not be in hurry because of someone’s wealth. Wait for your time!

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