Personality Friday With Mimi

“We are the highest and richest sponsor for ourselves.” James Pius

Good evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Yes, you can.

Your name and any other thing we need to know?

I’m James Pius.
A native of Ikot Ukana village in Obot Akara Local Government, Akwa Ibom State.
A student of English and Literature Education at the University of Nigeria, Nsuka.

What do you do?

I sell Drinks of all sort in Wholesale.
To mention;
Dry Gin
Soft drinks
Wine e.t.c
Looking forward to partner with foreign wine brands.

That’s cool!
How do you manage to combine business with your education?

I would say it’s not been funny. Considering the fact that I school in Imo State, precisely Owerri and having a business establishment in Akwa Ibom.
The distance on its own is a challenge but then, I don’t see that as an excuse not to run my business. So, I employ a sales girl to look after the shop and keep records.

What would you advice one who takes about ten bottles of beer in a day?

My advice is that such person(s) should desist from such an unhealthy habit. The side effect is obvious starting with the inability to coordinate yourself, leading to drug abuse, causing public harassment and assault, reckless behaviours e.t.c.
Mostly, it is advised that an individual consume it responsibly and must not be sold for persons below the age of eighteen 18+.

There’s this belief that people are interested in their sales and not your health. Would you give your customer an advice like this?

Honestly, I would.
Most times I’m not carried away by my sales or making money first, hence risking the lives of my customers. Rather, if I notice you are consuming more than you should, I won’t sell for you at that moment anymore.

Do you dispose drinks when they expire too?

I’m conscious of products expiration dates before I make my stock because I know the risk of consuming expired edibles.

What has been your greatest challenge so far in your business?

Taking stock at high rate and your customers expecting you to dispense to them at a low rate. I guess you know the business risk of doing that. It can cause your profit and may not even meet up your expenditure throwing to the dern of lost.

Uhmmm.. I can relate.
Despite all odds, what keeps you moving?

My watch word is always that “Winners never quit, and quitters never win”.
So, I see my odds as my source of strength.
“As the journey gets smooth, obstacles gets tougher”.

What or who has always been your motivation?

My Uncle has always been my motivation.

Your uncle.

I know my Uncle’s story from day one. He has gone through a lot in life and now he’s a millionaire.
Business kept him where he is now.

What’s your advice to other youths out there?

Nigerian HipHop singer, Victor AD ft Davido dropped a track some years back “Tire You”.
In that song lyrics, the chorus had “is either I win or I loose I no get excuse for failure”. To crown it all, he asked a rhetorical question “To suffer no dey tire you?”

So our Dear youth, we can never be dependent forever. We don’t have any excuse of us not living out our dreams to the fullest.

It’s long over due we keep relying on government, relatives, friends e.t.c for help and sponsorship.

We are the highest and richest sponsor for ourselves.


Our President called us lazy youths years ago. We seriously picked offence with that. Maybe there’s an underlying truth in that statement. Have a single youth stop a minute and asked his/herself “what have I done in this country to support the government?”.

Uhmmm.. Deep!

Last words for the youths, let’s get up and engage ourselves in something tangible.
Stop complaining that government have not done this and that.
“If you were born poor it’s not your fault but if you die poor it’s your fault”.

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