Personality Friday With Mimi

“I decided to focus on Adire because I’m a type that loves creativity..” Abdulrauf Kolawole

Good evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Sure, you can.

Your name and any other thing we need to know?

My name is Abdulrauf Kolawole. I’m the founder of Prodigy_wears which is into Adire styles.
I’m also an undergraduate in the University of Lagos.

“Prodigy Wears”
What brought about your brand name?

It came up as a result of setting higher goals.
Prodigy means something talented or outstanding among it peers.

Why did you decide to focus on Adire styles?


I decided to focus on Adire because I’m a type that loves creativity, hand skills and as well anything related to culture. So, these things geared me to dive into it which I as well have passion for.

I noticed our culture is kind of getting fade daily to the extent of we forgetting our traditional clothes, so I thought of bringing Adire back to life in a modernized way.

How would you describe Adire?

Adire originated from our forefathers basically in Abeokuta. It involves
exposure to fashion, ability to think about new design, consistency in practicing it till you are perfect.

It also come as a form of communicating with people through the design they draw on it. Sometimes, they might decide to put an idol or a warrior design on it which vividly tell that you hail from that family.

It appear as a form of challenge because everyday you will get to see new designs and I’msure you will be eager to know how they did it and with that, you are increasing your
experience and expanding your fashionskills.

Adire is fun, Adire is culture, Adire is life.

How do you manage to combine your business with education?

It hasn’t really been easy but I do try my best possible to balance both.
I’m a student of UNILAG and I guess you know how tough that school is. I read a lot and I as well build my business. They don’t disturb each other.
When exams are around the corner, I do leave business for education.

That’s cool!
What has been your greatest challenge in this business?

My greatest challenge is competitive force. l really have myself surrounded with people with same business and
I’m sure you know how hard that would be for me.

So, how do you manage to deal with the competitive force?

I manage it by focusing on myself. I follow the social media trend. With this, I won’t be depressed or oppressed by anyone of the same business.
So far I serve a living God, I will get my customers. I don’t need to go into competition with any business owner.

Some people say there’s no friend in business. Do you go with this same ideology?

I really don’t go with it in some aspects. The way you treat strangers in
business should be extremely different from how you treat your friends. Don’t say because you are into
business you won’t give them time anymore or you will strictly adhere to
business conversation alone. If your business is about to fall it is this same friend and family that will help you out.

Pablo Escobar, the richest drug dealer during his time said “family and business can’t work together”. Yes, they can’t because family at times tends to kill your vibes and dreams through their fearful advice but you just need to ignore and be who you are. Funny enough, the same man that said family and business can’t work made his Cousin his best compliance which is Gustavo.

Wow! What’s Gustavo?

Gustavo is just a name.

What do you have to say to other youths out there?

They should believe in themselves, acquire all possible skills and never feel too big to be corrected or learn from someone else.
They shouldn’t expect their business to reach the top within few months. No! It takes a long way to build a dream.

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