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“Depending on one stream of income 💸 is never a good idea for anyone who wants to be free from debt..” Ezugha Ansalem Chimaobi

Good evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

I’m Ezugha Ansalem Chimaobi by name, schooling at Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), studying Project Management Technology as a discipline and currently in my 400L.

Also, I’m a content writer ✍️, 3D video 📺 animator, entrepreneur, network marketer which help working professionals 👷 create more income 💸 part time ⏰ while pursuing their 9-5 jobs 👩‍🏫.It’s nice meeting you😁.

Nice meeting you also.

That’s huge!
How do you manage to do all these?

Alright, no qualms ma’am. Actually, you aren’t the only one that have asked this question and will not be the last too 😋.

Frankly speaking, 3D video 📺 animation is usually done on contract while network marketing takes place at night after my daily runs as an entrepreneur.

Hope it’s clear now.
Thanks for asking.

If not for the strike, you should be a graduate by now right?

I should be in my final year.

Oh! Okay!

So, what would you say about the ASUU strike?

Ma’am this is a question some people, specifically young individuals find difficulty in answering because they only focus on schooling.

Well, for me this moment still remain the best time ⏰ ever because a lot of opportunities, skills, success, connecting with new people, undergoing various self development in order to unleash my hidden potentials have been actualized.

And those things being mentioned above 👆 is now the reason I am making money 💸 from home through my smartphone.

Indeed, it’s the best moment for me and also like a scar in my life.

So, how did you become a content creator?

Wow! 🤭🙆

I didn’t see that coming. Meanwhile, I am a kind of person who loves thinking 🤔 something out of nothing 😁 and also want to share ✍️ it with my friends or audience.

So, I registered a content creating masterclass which helped me realize various ways of communicating my message to people either by going live 📺, commenting 📝, writing an article ✍️ and plans of arranging them on weekly basis.

So, what inspired you into being a network marketer?

My big WHY 😃🤩 that inspired me into being a network marketer are as follows:-

. Correcting the mistakes done by my parents whereby depending on monthly salary 💸 which has deprived millions of people from actualizing their potentials.

. Creating a future that my generation won’t be in need of passing any stressful processes I am undergoing now.

. Financially 💸 independent.

. Help young individuals to discover, develop, profitably deploy themselves to make money 💸 through their smartphone ☎️

.What would you say about depending on monthly salary?

Ma’am, this is what numerous people need to change because our parents have misled their children with these 4 procedures below 👇.

. Get admitted in a school.
. Graduate with good grades.
. Work for maximum of 35 years.
. Retirement plan 💸.

All these are awesome 🤩 but at the same time ⏰ have deprived many from achieving their dreams 😰.

Depending on one stream of income 💸 is never a good idea for anyone who want to be free from debt 💸 like what happened recently.

Research have it that numerous individuals are in huge debt because of government inability of paying their workers 👷 during POST COVID 19.

Monthly salary 💸 is good but such person should find a side project to support it.

“Side project to support”

Meaning everyone should try learning a trade.

That’s a good decision🤗🔥

What would you like to say to other youths out there?

My advice to the young individuals out there are in 2 different sets such as:-

. They should leave whatsoever that makes them comfortable which I describe as comfort zone 🏡 and make a meaning out of their lives either by learning an high paying skills like 3D video 📺 animation (I can volunteer to teach at an affordable price), freelancing ✍️ or joining any networking business.

. Utilize their smartphone ☎️ by engaging into online competitions 📝 which pays its outstanding winners because from my research ✍️ recently almost 89% of youths are not making cool cash 💸 from their phone which they bought at high price.


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