Personality Friday With Mimi

“In as much as people ask other questions during first date,
‘What’s your Genotype?’ should be part of it.” George Nimi

Good evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

My name is George Nimi, known as NimisDiary.

A Volunteer, Sickle cell and Blood donor Advocate with Sickle Cell Awareness and Health Foundation, in Rivers State.

What would you say about those living with sickle cell?

Everyday I remind people living with Sickle cell Disorder, it isn’t a Death sentence…

Being a blood donor advocate, has it been easy making people donate blood without making it a business deal?

It’s not easy at all, especially in this part of our society.
Getting people to donate blood for FREE takes lots of hard work and conviction.

They’ll ask you what’s their gain if they donate blood in terms of monetary payments.

Some will promise to show up, Las Las you won’t see them.

That’s quite heartbreaking.

Do you think September being a ‘Sickle Cell Awareness’ month is enough to reduce the stigmatization of those living with Sickle Cell Disorder?

To an extent, it does in helping to reduce the stigma.
Alot of persons are getting to know more about Sickle cell this September.

People also slide into my DM to ask questions on Sickle Cell Disorder.

If you weren’t a warrior, would you have been an advocate?

Yes, I will.

100% involvement in Advocacy.

I’m also a Volunteer, it’s a way of giving back to the Society.

That’s cool!
What would you say to two people with incompatible genotype but bent on getting married due to love?

There are options available for People not Compatible and still wants to get married.

E.g Adoption, remain childless etc.

In as much as we Advocate for Genotype over Love, people still have the right to choose who they love.

That’s deep!

Growing up in a society full of stigmatization and wrong beliefs about Sickle Cell Disorder, how did you cope?

Stigma has always been there.

Even if it’s not with Sickle Cell Disorder for other Health issues.

Society will always want to body shame people living with Sickle cell.
It’s either you accept what comes or you don’t mind either.

If you happen to be in governance today, what would you do about Sickle cell Disorder?

1. Free Genotype Test for Citizens.

2. Medicines and treatments for Sickle cell Survivors at a reduced price if not for free.

3. Awareness would be a public burden


Aside being an advocate, what else do you do?

Brand Publicist/Promoter


In the generation we find ourselves, what would you say about people who find nothing wrong in asking for sex on a first date but see everything wrong in asking about genotype on a first date?

People’s mindset are different.

In as much as people ask other questions during first date,
‘What’s your Genotype?’ should be part of it.

Since it’s a sensitive question, it should be handled carefully, so the other party doesn’t get offended.

Do you ever wish your genotype was AA and not a carrier of the Sickle Cell Anaemia?

Yes oh,

Who wouldn’t want to be free from pains?

Despite the pains and societal stigmatization, what or who motivates you?

God, self, family and friends.

What would you like to say to other youths out there?

Know your
And stop the Stigmatization of people living with Sickle Cell Disorder!

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Omoloye Miracle is a writer, voice over artist, genotype and blood group advocate, ghost writer, counselor, script writer at Remo TV, poet, media coordinator II at Spirit Life Network, content team lead at TASUED Writers Community and founder of Mheerah-dee Drops.

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