Personality Friday With Mimi

“…don’t be distracted by the noise of the market!” Godwin Salako

Good morning sir.

This is Personality Friday With Mimi.

Can we meet you?

Good day.
I’m Godwin Salako, a graduating student of TAI SOLARIN UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, Ijagun, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

Mr “Godwin Salako”

What do you do?

I’m a social media PR who’s into Social Media managements/publicity, content creation, brand administration, page management and general Public Relation.

Definition of media personnel!As expected, one thing leads to another.

How did your journey into the media world commence?

It commenced as a result of my interest in engaging people with what’s happening around them and more importantly, what can add value to them.

More like a PR motivation?


As a brand administrator, how would you deal with negative comments or a brand reputation crisis?

Such comments come up, mostly from people who don’t know how reliable and trustworthy the brand has been but overtime, we’ve been receiving more of commendations than the other.


While as an undergraduate at Tai Solarin University of Education, how did you manage to stay on top of social media trends and innovations?

I created time for engagements, found time to create relatable contents and they yielded with massive engagements.

Cool plan..

There’s this thing called A/B testing, how does it help in advertising, analytics, and measurement in media?

Analytics are very useful in measuring the performances and outcomes of an engagement, they are also used to determine growth rates and other useful analysis.


So, can you tell us about your personal brand?

I run a media brand called Havers Hub Media. A brand that deals in content creation, social media engagements and everything related to page management.

Also, we have a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram Twitter and whatsapp with analytics of over 5million impressions and reach since our inception.

We’ve had good engagements with some top social media Influencers and actors, with yielding results.

That’s indeed an achievement!

How were you able to get to this point?

Through consistency, learning new things about the job and acquiring new skills about it.


How did you come about the name “Havers Hub”?

Havers – having values to offer

Hub- centre/point

A CENTRE where values are offered.


How has running Havers Hub Media been?

It’s been an interesting ride overall.

I see why you’re still in the bus.. obviously interesting!

Just like success come with a different definition, everyone view success from a different angle.

How would you measure your social media success?

I’d say it’s been an amazing one.

It gave me more insights, experience and exposure. More importantly, it has brought more connections to people in different careers.

How many social media pages have you managed in time past?

I’ve handled social media pages for some individuals I’d like to keep anonymous.

Also, I’m presently a social media personnel for some companies like Resourceful Digital Network and I.U.P.


So, do you have a social media strategy or you just do it as it comes?

Surely, there are strategies and plans put into place to ensure things work out as planned.


Aside social media, what else catches your attention?

Oh, lol, football. I love football and I do watch alot.


There was a time you talked about different brands and the hidden meaning in their logos.
What was the inspiration behind this?

Most times on my twitter account, I talk about technology in general.

Since it was something valuable and informing, I decided to make people aware of what they weren’t aware of.

An eye opener!

What’s that one advise you’d give one who is about to go into the media world?

Have your drive, have a niche, be focused and don’t be distracted by the noise of the market!

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