Personality Friday With Mimi

“…calling corruption a connection when it favours us” Joxzy Otor

Good evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

It’s a pleasure to be on your show, Mimi.

My name is Joxzy OTOR.

Nice to have you sir.

So, what do you do?

A lot.
I write, I sing, I counsel.

You can call me the “Writer that sings” and “The singer that writes“.

That’s cool!

How did you start writing?

I started by writing.
I know that’s funny but it’s the truth.

I started by having the urge to impact and impart my world with words.

I have been writing almost all my life, but I went professional recently, in 2018, precisely.

So, how has it been since then?

Challenging but an awesome experience, I must confess.

Truely, the grass is greener on the other side!
Do you go with the saying that everyone is naturally a writer or that writing is a skill?

Well, it’s in two ways.

Everyone is not a writer but anyone can be a writer.

Everyone is not a writer because you need to acquire and hone your writing skill, else it stalls.

So yes, anyone can be a writer. Provided that individual is ready to follow and learn through the process(es).

Writing is neither a talent nor gift.
It is a skill.

As a counselor, what would you advise one whose ambition doesn’t gain a full support from the parents.
Just like a child wanting to go for Arts while the parents feel Science is the best for him or her.

Listen to your parents until they are ready to listen to you.

For instance, you take up science which is your parents’ dream for you, BUT, DO NOT KILL YOUR DREAMS FOR ARTS. Keep it alive and as much as you can do it by the side.

Parents generally want their kids to do well, so they pick up choices that they feel will pay off. The best you can do as a child is (If you can’t foot your bills) dance to their tunes but keep your “personal” dream(s) alive, hone that art. When you start doing well, your parents will be the first to sing you praises.


So, what made you choose to be a counselor?

I see many lives and dreams go down shattered drains.

I feel I can and should do my bit in changing every life I come in contact with. A lot of persons have a thing or two to talk about but they find it difficult to trust others with their confidentiality.

It is my dream to show the world that “We live for us” and to help people “Live before they leave”.


In your counseling career, have you ever had a case so difficult that made you have sleepless nights?

Yes, in many cases but I have had over 100 successes and a single failure!

How does music make you feel?

Music is therapeutic.

Hence, I make sure I listen to good lyrics, songs that resonate with me.

Music helps me ease off and connect with humanity more.

So, how do you manage to combine music, writing and counseling?

Very easy, I am dedicated and more.

For music, I manage my time by booking my sessions ahead, including choosing when and what shows to attend and not.

Writing and counseling go hand in and hand out.

Good timing!

So, what’s your opinion about Nigeria being changed to United African Republic?

It doesn’t change anything.

Names are just label, the citizens which I sadly call Cheatizens are the content. If the label gets changed and the content remains the same, we will have the same results.

We just need to collectively be ready for a change.

And stop calling corruption a connection when it favours us.

“calling corruption a connection when it favours us” That’s quite deep!

What advise would you give youths out there?

Dear youth, don’t let politicians job you with the talks of providing a job for you just for them to get a job.

Don’t accept stipends from anyone, don’t sell your hunger to buy poverty.

You know what is right, do it and do that always.

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Omoloye Miracle is a writer, voice over artist, genotype and blood group advocate, ghost writer, counselor, script writer at Remo TV, poet, media coordinator II at Spirit Life Network, content team lead at TASUED Writers Community and founder of Mheerah-dee Drops.

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