Personality Friday With Mimi

“…when the body flows with the rhythm of different songs” Oforah Emmanuella (A dancer and an undergraduate of Computer Science at Nnamdi Azikwe University)

Good evening ma. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Yes dear.
I am Oforah Emmanuella Ifeyinwa.
A dancer and a Computer Science student at Nnamdi Azikwe University.

What made you opt in for the course “Computer Science” ?

Well, I’ve always loved gaming and designing on computers.
So, I thought of going into graphics design and doing it as a career.

That’s cool!

So, when did you start dancing?

Since I was 7..
That’s when I can remember😂😂

Wow!How was it like chasing a career in dancing?

Hard actually..
My mum and dad disapproved of me dancing when I clocked 14 because I was grown up and they called it a distraction but because of the love I had for it and how natural it comes, I just couldn’t stop and now I’m doing great with dancing even if they are still disapproving😌😌.

One of those things passion makes us do❤️

What would you say dance is to you?

To me, dancing is when the body flows with the rhythm of different songs.
And it’s a very good feeling, trust me.


Do you have a particular type of dance you do or you dance to any music and style?

I am basically into afro dance and I’m currently learning the vogue dance.


Have you ever forgotten a dance step during a performance?

Yes,😂😂😂it was soooo embarrassing!

I can imagine the ground being called to open up 🥺😂

So, how did you get over it?

I didn’t really beat myself up about it. I just told myself to improve next time.

Self motivation.. cool!

Are you into dancing alone or you do group dance?



According to research, dancers foot and ankle are subjected to high forces and unusual stress in training and performance.

How do manage injuries common in dancers, especially that of the foot and ankle?

I actually do a lot of stretching but there was a time I was performing and I kinda like twisted my ankle but I didn’t feel it until after the performance. I just treated it by massaging with balm, hot water and pain relief medicine.
I still feel the pain sometimes though but it still doesn’t stop me from dancing.

What other things do you enjoy doing aside dancing?

Singing and playing 😂😂


How do you manage to combine your dancing career with school work without one affecting the other?

Honestly, it’s stressful but I’m doing good.

Before we close the curtains, what would you advise someone who loves to dance but lack good dance steps?

Just continue practicing. Find other dancers that are professional to help you with your steps, your facial expressions, your body movement and to also make you versatile in dance.

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