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“Haters are my biggest motivators and they motivated me …” Durlav Sarkar

Good evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?


Your name and any other thing we need to know?

I am Durlav Sarkar.

Durlav Sarkar is a Btech student studying in MSIT, Kolkata.

He is a young entrepreneur and an academic achiever, an ex-student of JDS, Kolkata where he represented his school in many debates,quizes, vocals and other interschool competitions.

He is a Celebrity Author and World Record Holder. Durlav Sarkar is the youngest Bengali to receive Dadasaheb Phalke Title and recognised as Karmaveer 2021.

A book was compiled on him by the whole writing industry, it is a sign of respect towards him. The name of the book is – “Durlav Sarkar-The Authentic Human”. The tagline for this book is – “Haters are my biggest motivators”.

He is a world record holder for writing 55 lyrical sonnets and completing each one of it within 5 minutes.

He is the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION- International publishing platform which has 25+ communities under it and the house of creativity including open mics, events and other competitions which includes writing, photography, artwork etc.

He is the most successful entrepreneur because he founded INKZOID FOUNDATION which is an international chain with 12 start-ups,26 concepts,28 units and 46 sub-units just within 4 months which becomes one of the best foundations among the new start-ups.

He also founded one NGO- “Love All Serve All” to help the needy people all over the world and set an inspiration for others.
He is an author,entrepreneur,social worker and an Inspiration for the coming generations.

He is an admin of ‘The Clicker’s platform’ and co admin of the Golden Talent. He is connected with many writing communities and publications such as Bishara, Flairs and glairs, Spread Those Inks, The opus coliseum and Anuragyam .He is currently working with an NGO named ‘The Panda Foundation’ and connected with CYIMUN and many more.

He is also known for graphic designing and conducting events which includes Agomoni 2021 from The Unheard Voices and Dugga Elo.

He is a lyricist, writer and singer who has his own writing community consisting 300 writers.

He likes to give platform to the budding authors,artists and photographers in his pages through all the units of INKZOID FOUNDATION such as Bleed Your Ink, Team Writers, The Quidditch Ink, Penning The Pain, The Revolutionary Ink, Writer’s Word, Purpose Go Viral, Aesthete Writers, Inspired Thoughts, world_instapic.hub, INKZOID Wonder, INKZOID Times, The Golden Talent, The Clickers, INKZOID Podcasts, Kalakritiyaan, De Talk, Ink Your Emotions, Royent Studios and many more.

He started his start-ups under his own foundation to support the young budding talents through Go INKZODIAC awards, INKZOID Book Of Records, INKZOIDOPIDIA several awards of INKZOID FOUNDATION.

He worked in many anthologies and wrote solo books which is yet to be published. His upcoming solo book is ‘The Unexpressed Thoughts’ and ‘The Record’. He has been given a title ‘The master of rhyming sonnets’ from this writing profession.

His hobbies are writing poems, reading books,singing and playing cricket . His speciality is to write lyrical rhyming sonnets mainly in Bengali and English.

He is Victorious in his life even after facing a lot of difficulties in his life including attempt to murders that’s why he is a role model for many people.

This is huge!
How were you able to achieve all these?

By hardwork, dedication and creativity.

What was the inspiration behind Inkzoid Foundation?

To help the budding talents to publish their own dreams.

That’s amazing!
You mentioned something about being the youngest Bengali to receive “Dadasaheb Phalke Title”. For the sake of our readers out there who are non-Indians, can you please tell us what the title mean or signifies?

Yes, it’s a prestigious title named after a famous Indian personality called Dadasahebphalke.

So, who was Dadasahebphalke?

He is known as the father of Indian cinema and numerous awards are named after him.


So, how were you able to complete the 55 lyrical sonnets within 5 minutes each?
Didn’t you for once have the writer’s block?

No, it’s just my creativity. It comes to my mind and I have it written.

What a wonder!

As we know, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everything starts from somewhere.

How and when did you start writing?

I used to write from childhood when I was in class 9 but I went fully into this profession last year.

Last year with all these achievement isn’t eating and sleeping.
What has always been your source of inspiration?

My source of inspiration was hatred from my surrounding people because “Haters Are My Biggest Motivators” and they motivated me more than my supporters.

Wow! That’s deep!

What do you think the future of the writing industry would be in the next 10 years?

Yes, I do think that more young minds of today should get chance because they are the future of tomorrow.

“…today because they’re the future of tomorrow”

That’s a building painted with truth!

What are the things you do at your leisure time when you are not writing?

I never get free time because the whole day, I am involved in My Publication work of Inkzoid foundation because I believe in giving opportunity to people.

So, when do you get time to sleep despite your busy schedule?

I sleep at 4:30am IST and wake up at 9:30am IST.

What would you advise upcoming writers do?

My advise to writers is to bring some uniqueness in themselves so that they can create a new history in this industry and believe in hardwork, dedication and creativity. At the end, take the negative vibes as positive ones and do always think that “Haters are your biggest motivators”.

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