Personality Friday With Mimi

“There are opportunities out there, all you need is to have value to add to the society.” Owoo Oluwamayowa

Good day sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

I am Owoo Oluwamayowa Emmanuel. A 600L Veterinary Medical student, FUNAAB(Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta).

600l! That’s a long way.
What have you done for the benefit of your school?

I am a patriotic FUNAABite who holds the esteem of being a FUNAABite!
I’ve rendered services at various levels of stewardship in AVMS, NVMCSF and FUNAABSU.

What role did you play at FUNAABSU?

I’ve served as the General secretary and the converner of the FUNAABSU literary week.

How has serving in the office been?

Serving in the office was fun, challenging and interesting.

How have you coped with the challenges?

Determination and willingness to serve helped me.
I accepted all challenges in good fate because I am resolute to serving my people better.

So, how do you see your course? Veterinary Medicine!

Its importance cannot be over emphasized in the society.
It’s all I wanted to do!
It’s what I wanted.

Are you into any other thing aside politics?

Yes, I am an entrepreneur.
I do laundry and dry cleaning (KleanHandsLaundry).
I sell hygienically processed meat (chicken, pork, beef, chevron etc).

How do you try to balance your education, politics and business? What has always motivated you?

It’s been God’s grace…
I hate being idle. I don’t like when I’m doing nothing.
All of these are what I do with ease and they give me joy.
I have friends who are always ready to help me academically.
My motivation like I said earlier is selfless service to humanity.

What do you have to say to other youths out there?

They should be focused, determined and resilient! There are opportunities out there, all you need is to have value to add to the society.

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