Personality Friday With Mimi

“I feel free to talk about things” Okoye Promise

Good day sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

My name is Okoye Promise Onyedikachukwu known as MC YUNGPROH.
A stand-up COMEDIAN, event MC, OAP and actor.
I’m from Anambra State but reside in Ibadan.
Also, I’m a 300l undergraduate of FUNAAB studying Physics.

Nice to have you on the show, Yungproh!

So, what brought about the name “Yungproh”?

The name Yungproh was coined from my name Promise.
The “proh” is from promise and because I am young and vibrant, I added “Yung” to the name.
That’s making it YUNGPROH!


Can you tell us how your career in stand-up comedy started?

It started at Abeokuta in the year 2018 at my school, FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE, ABEOKUTA.
I started as a skit maker with my friends and we did it for about 8months.
l have a role model whose name is AKPORORO. So, I do watch his videos and so many other stand up comedians’ videos. Then, I told myself that I could do stand up comedy and that was how I started.
Though, it wasn’t easy at first because people would reject you due to them not having seen you perform before but thanks to God for today.

So, how did you manage reacting to rejections back then?

I felt disappointed, I felt like a failure but had to keep improving on myself and work harder.

That’s the spirit, bro!

If you were told to give a reason to be chosen to anchor an event amongst about 50 other M.Cs, what would your reason be?

My reason would be because I am unique and my styles are different from the rest.


Talking about where you reside, how do you manage to cope as an Igbo guy in a Yoruba land?
Is it an experience that’d make you support the splitting of Nigeria or not?

I don’t support splitting of Nigeria. I support unity.

Any reason for this?

I love everyone together and splitting would cause damage.

How has your career in acting been?

It has been awesome.

So, how does being a comedian make you feel?

It makes me feel cool and bold. I feel free to talk about things.

Is there anything you’d love to say to people out there?

I love you all and God will continue to bless you.

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