Personality Friday With Mimi

“The camera or equipment does not tell a story, it is the person…”

Isaac Olayiwola Olagoke

Good evening sir. This is Personality Friday With Mimi. Can we meet you?

Good evening ma. My name is Isaac Olayiwola Olagoke, also known as Eazylife Creations.
I’m a graduate of Agricultural Science from Tai Solarin University of Education. Also, I graduated from Delyork Creative Academy in the department of Digital Filmmaking and I’m an alumni of Ebonylife Creative Academy where I studied Cinematography and Light.
I’m a professional photographer, a cinematographer and a director. In a nutshell, I tell stories visually and creatively.

Nice to have you on the show, Eazylife Creations.

From your introduction, you don’t do anything related to your course of study at Tai Solarin University of Education.

Any reason for that?

Thank you so much for having me on the show.

Yes, you are right. Though I love my course of study “Agricultural Science” as a profession but during my years at the University, I found nature and taking pictures fascinating. Due to that, I developed myself in the media world and saw reasons to turn my passion to a skill or profession.

I didn’t just want my passion to remain a dream, so I turned it to reality. Right from my university days, I began to take pictures with my phone which involves pictures of the sun, flowers, cloud, images of people, and I also shot short clips for music artist.

Looking at the beautiful remark and encouraging words from people, I decided to pursue my dream. Even though some people tried to discourage me, I didn’t give in. During my service, I made up my mind to learn Photography and Video Production and I saved all my funds that I received during my service year to get my first camera with the support of my family members.

And ever since 2019, I’ve been fully immersed with visual story and I pursue more certificate as I further my education as a Filmmaker and Cinematographer.

Happiness is really doing what you love doing!

So, what brought about the brand name “Eazylife Creations”?

Eazylife Creations came into existence in 2019 when I planned setting up my IG page and other social media platform.

After months and weeks of choosing a fit name, I came up with lots of options as regard the name I should go with and I sent lots of my suggestions to people. Surprisingly, most people went for Eazylife Creations. So, ever since then I’ve been using the name “Eazylife Creations” as my brand name. I also love the brand name because it does not limit me to just Photography or Cinematography. The word “Creations” shows that I can create lots of content most especially Visually. I’m currently planning on setting up an online and offline fashion store where I’ll be selling outfits like Vintage shirt and short, trouser and many more.

Cool concept!

As we know, people see things in different dimensions.
What would you say photography is to you?

Photography is how I paint light, how I modify light, frame or position my object, but I feel photography is more than that. I believe photography is a still image that tells a story but the story will be defined depending on how you set your light. I also believe photography means being creative, how I can use what’s at my reach to create a concept and manage my resources to give the best results because equipment does not determine the output but the person behind the camera does.

Even though I’m fully aware that equipment is important such as lens, good camera body, light and many more, I’m also certain that knowing how to use the equipment is more important. So, with my years of experience as a photographer I’ll say Photography is about using the equipment I have and the things within my reach to tell a visual story through a still image.

As a photographer, how do you deal with difficult clients?

Smile and Humility!

Knowing the fact that most Nigerians are not finding things easy, I don’t really feel bad when I have issues with my clients. I try to calm myself and smile whenever I’m working with a difficult client and most times when a client insult or try to condemn my work because I’m young, the calm way I handle it has led to positive results.

Most of them after realizing their mistake will apologize and few don’t apologize but I notice that most will still call me for more jobs. So, the secret I use when working with difficult or harsh client is that I always attend to people with a Smile.

Smile as tool to melt hearts…

What is the most difficult part of being a photographer to you?

I don’t really have any difficult challenge in photography. Though, it’s a bit challenging to sit in a position and edit images, as well as buying equipment is very pricey but I don’t allow all these factors to hinder me from pursuing my dream and bringing it to reality.

So, how do you plan for a shoot?

My planning are very flexible, I plan depending on the type of Photography. Previously, I do focus more of my attention to Wedding Photograph.

Planning for this great day, I’ll have to ask about the date, number of days, probably just a white wedding or with engagement and pre wedding, I’ll send them price list and try to get to see the location before the date so that I’ll know the equipment I’d bring along and the ones I might probably need, but recently, I focus more on portrait and beauty photography.

So, planning is not as rigorous as wedding event but I still make plans like the location maybe studio shoot or outdoor, what time and how to transport my equipment down to the location.

For artistes; probably a musician that wants to have a photoshoot for their music covers, I do try as much as possible to request for their audio. So, I listen to it and try to create a content that will fit in to their song.

Actually planning the key to good production, if I don’t plan well I’d have difficult time while editing.
While holding a photography class, I once told my student if I’m given 5hours for a shoot that I’ll use 4hours to plan and set things right because it will make my post production easier.

You also teach?

Yes ma, but I don’t have the time anymore.

Which of your works would you refer to as the best?

I don’t have a particular work I’d refer to as the best but what I’m certain of is that I keep learning each day and I keep improving, thereby giving me joy.

This year alone, I attended two media schools where I learnt from the best instructors and all my instructors were Hollywood best directors and Cinematographers. Some have featured in great movies like Maze runner, Resident evil and shot many ads and commercials all from different parts of the world with some from Canada, South Africa, Ghana.
And learning from great people like this gives me inner joy that I’m willing to bring out the best and make an impact in Nollywood and beyond.

I currently work on some short films that are amazing, and those that have seen them on YouTube wrote a positive feedback.
Like the movie called;
Omo Atoke
The Samaritan
Waiting For You(Award winning film) and few others.

I also shoot comedy skits and direct Music videos.

Eazylife on limelight¡!
The sky is your limit! When you’re not doing anything related to photography, what do you do?

I listen to music or immerse myself with tutorials on YouTube and paid courses online.

What would you say to those who have passion for photography but don’t have a camera yet?

My advice to aspiring photographers or passionate photographers is to start with what they have and they should move close to those in the industry.

They should be humble and willing to learn because the mistake many people make is that they want to be comfortable over the night where as they fail to set priority either because they are ignorant or they fail to learn.

I learnt a lot of things myself and learnt from my mistake. I started with little i.e I started with my phone and along the line, I got a camera and a small light. Then I began to upgrade my lens little by little.

So, I’ll advice aspiring Photographers to start with what they have, they should be hard working.
The camera or equipment does not tell a story it is the person behind it that tell the story in the right way.

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