What To Do Before You Refer To Yourself As “Hot Cake” 🍰 🍰

Mrs knew the importance of checking genotype compatibility before marriage. That was why even though she knew her husband was AA while she was AS, she still made sure they did a recheck before their wedding day.

Two months after their wedding, Mrs became pregnant and her joy knew no bounds. As believed that the joy of every marriage is a child, Mrs saw herself blessed after she gave birth to Daughter.

Daughter was five when the family doctor asked that a test should be carried out on her due to her constant illness.

When the test result was announced, the result by far surpassed anyone’s wildest expectation. Daughter had Sickle Cell Anaemia! How come? Her father was AA!

Daughter‘s dad was about sending Mrs packing when his younger sister came around. After explaining everything, his younger sister told him to calm down because Mrs wasn’t a promiscuous woman that would have a child out of marriage. His younger sister further emphasized on the fact that Daughter looked so much like him.

After the conclusion to have a recheck on Mrs, her husband and Daughter, they arrived another entirely different medical laboratory from the ones they had previously visited.

After the result was released, it was discovered the issue was from the husband. There had been a mistake in the two genotype tests he had before marriage. He was AS and not AA.

What if the younger sister had not intervened? He’d have sent his wife and daughter packing without knowing they were not at fault.

Dear AA hotcake,

I know you call yourself AA hotcake but hope it’s not the genotype result you did as a child you’re still relying on. Hope it’s not the one you did in JSS1.

You’ve seen why you should check your genotype up to four times before going into marriage. Before You refer to yourself as AA hotcake, make sure you’ve checked your genotype result up to four times.
It is important and necessary you do!

Just like there’s no one above mistake, there could be a mistake in your genotype result.

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