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Spirit Life Network presents When TASUED Worship tagged This Glory (Ogo Yii)

The long awaited programme held on the 14th of May, 2021 at Arugbo ojo Cathedral, Ijele started with an opening prayer by one of the volunteers at exactly 9:59pm.

When TASUED Worship choir then took the congregation on a journey to worship land from 10:00-10:17pm before adding a sauce of prayer that lasted till 10:28, accompanied by praise led with the trumpet from 10:17-10:40pm.

Just like the motto of “Superbite sausage roll” that says you wouldn’t stop at one, When TASUED Worship choir rendered a forty-five minutes ministration that was into three parts. Their first was the popular “Olorun Agbaye o.. you are mighty” that caught the attention of all. The second was led by Harmony Sax

who took everyone along with him in worship and ended it with a song about Christ’s coming.

The third was also in a worship dimension.

After a lady

ministered for ten minutes, When TASUED Worship choir in nine minutes sang a song titled “Ogo Yii”, the theme of the programme.

The first invited guest to mount the altar was Ministrel Busayomi Popoola.

Her thirty-nine minutes ministration wasn’t just plainly singing.

She opened people’s eye to God’s purpose. Some of her words were :

Stop running!

Enough of running away!

Enough of saying “I can’t do it”!

Enough of letting fear stop you!Some lives are waiting for you!

If you don’t deal with the fear, what would happen to those lives waiting for you?

Some lives will never rise if you don’t!

Do away with that fear!

Blast in tongues, it helps!

The fact that the programme is a worship one didn’t stop prayer from coming in because even the Bible told us to pray without ceasing. Minister Adeshina Akorede

led the congregation in a prayer session

that lasted for nineteen minutes.

Also, an invited guest with the name Amox Sax

in twenty two minutes took everyone to another realm of praise with his saxophone’s melodious tune.

As we know, entertainment is the pathway to a full packaged event. The Redeemed Christian Fellowship (R.C.F) steppers

in ten minutes, entertained everyone with their dance moves and mime. After this, When TASUED Worship choir ministered for seven minutes.

Happiness they say softens the earth to acceptance. In two minutes, a comedian, Dapo Delight did justice to putting a smile on people’s faces.

Another of the invited guests, Ministrel Fadekemi Adebambola

led everyone in what seem like a thirty-nine minutes different kettle of fish.

She left everyone to praise God their own way for some minutes before leading them in worship.

The convener of When TASUED Worship, Olalekan Oromidayo

mounted the pulpit and started a session of deliverance.

In the twenty-six minutes of deliverance, there was healing, breakthrough and freedom.

Indeed, there’s power in the name of Jesus.

Talking on the theme “This Glory“, Minister Joshua Omishakin

in twenty-seven minutes did justice to how important it was to be a reflection of God’s Glory.

He said the greatest envagelism is the shining of Glory. It’s an attraction!

The last invited guest to perform was Baba Kay.

He came with a different energy that got everyone out of their sitting space to rejoice together.

The fifty-three minutes was full of praise that made people dance like it was their last.

Ultimately, one of the volunteers came to say the benediction by 4:14am. He gave the vote of thanks whereby he appreciated the volunteers, invited guests, everyone for showing up at the occasion and said the grace at exactly 4:19am.

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