I fell
It wasn’t a dive
For down the stairs I fell

I cried
But shots I got
In insult, I got fried
Voices at me like gunshot

‘You’re a boy’
Came the voice from majority
And right there
I lost the ability to show pain

My lesson teacher made me do things
Things meant for men
With threats amidst her grins

I was abused
And forced to watch pun
Unable to tell anyone I was being used
For fear of being shun

At last, courage I gathered
Big cousin, I gave the hint
But he said words that made me shattered
“You’re a boy! Enjoy it!”

And yeah!
I ended up enjoying it
Around girls, I was here and there
I then became a sex addict

The only girl I ever loved
Dark skinned Bimpe was thirteen
I had found out Dave was who she loved

Bimpe broke my heart
When I thought she was my forever
I didn’t know I was her cart
And being hers was a never

I refused to eat
My friends rained me insults
‘You be guy na’, came the regular beat
It was still the regular results

And right there
It started then and there
I lost the ability to show feelings
How I became Mike the hard guy without feelings

Here I am with my fiancee
She said I make her feel like a potty
And I’m short of words with nothing to say

To call it off, her intention
A sex machine, she said I used her as
For that was the only time I gave her attention
She said I’m meant to be named heartless

I love her
But she said I’ve never made her feel it
How would I explain to her?
Should I tell her the ‘You’re a boy’ caused it?

About Omoloye Miracle 179 Articles
Omoloye Miracle is a writer, voice over artist, genotype and blood group advocate, ghost writer, counselor, script writer at Remo TV, poet, media coordinator II at Spirit Life Network, content team lead at TASUED Writers Community and founder of Mheerah-dee Drops.


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